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How is the order delivered?
All orders are delivered electronically. There is no physical delivery unless specified.
**All product packages shown in web store are for illustration only.

How long does it take to deliver the order?
If payment is completed at ordering, delivery usually takes 1-2 days depending on individual products. In certain case there may have additional 1-2 days delay. Sometimes due to public holidays of the suppliers' country causing a delay in order processing.

How the license is being delivered?
Delivery is in the form of email. Email containing the software license or login account information or coupon code to redeem the license will be sent to the email account holder submitted at ordering.

What kind of license will be delivered?
Depending on individual product, the license will be delivered in different forms.

1. Account Login:
Certain software license, such as Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant, ZBrush, V-Ray, Renderman, Realflow, etc. will be allocated to the customer login account after order is processed. Customer will be informed by email when the order is processed and license being allocated. User just need to login in the relevant supplier website, using the credentials that they submitted at order or the login name they received in the email, they will be able to see their license entitlement after login. They can then redeem the license at installation or when they activate and start the license server.

2. Serial Number:
Certain products such as BorisFX, serial numbers of the relevant products will be emailed to the buyer as delivery. User can download the relevant software and during installation, they will be prompted to enter the serial number. Once installed, the user can use the software. This is only needed to be done once.
The serial number will also be shown in the BorisFX account.

3. License Request File:
For certain products such as Video Copilot, the purchase will be created in the customer Video Copilot login account. After user download and launch the plugin, it will prompt the user to login to their account, license will then be added to their computer automatically. For installing the license offline, user need to launch the plugin, choose ''Manual Installation'' to create a license request file or HW ID to generate the license from within their account to install.

***Please note that customer has the responsibility to save a record of their account login, password, serial number, license file or related information. Due to security and privacy reason, for some products we will not have your license information such as serial number or license file as it will be sent directly to your email only by supplier. For some software the license is held in your user account which we will not have access to. Therefore, at all times please backup your license information for future reference or support request.